Generate your Test Data easily using MS Word !!! Lorem Ipsum Lorem Ipsum ….

As as developer we often need to generate dummy data to in forms for various purposes like test the fields sizes etc.
Most of Testers uses most common (and favorite) Lorem Ipsum text.
To generate it there are utilities available on net which generates Lorem Ipsum text as per required text.

But very few know instead of using third party tools, MS provides built in functionality in MS Word 2007.

Two ways in MS Word you can generate this random texts.

First way is

in which
x = Number of paragraphs
y = Number of lines in each paragraph.

where x,y parameters are optional. so if you omit both its total random
using =rand generates localized sample text (localized means the sample text appears in language according to Microsoft Word localization) which more looks like it’s generated from some help file of Word.

Second way is

in which again
x = Number of paragraphs
y = Number of lines in each paragraph.

and both are optional.
This will generate our famous Lorem Ipsum ….. dummy text. This is not localized text although.

Note :
If any of this functions not works in your MS Word 2007, it means you have turned off “Replace Text as you Type” option located at Word Options > Proofing option (on the left pane) > AutoCorrect Tab.
Just turn it on and it will start working.

Enjoy …..

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