Sharepont Foundation 2010 – Search fails on all Claims Based Authentication sites

When creating new site on fresh SharePoint 2010 install with Claim Base authentication you will notice warning message will start in your event logs

EventLog Screenshot for Error

The start address sts4://localsharepoint/contentdbid={d3d43ba3-16fd-47f8-85ec-21b76961bf0f} cannot be crawled.

Context: Application ‘Serve_search_queries_over_help_content’, Catalog ‘Search’

Access is denied. Verify that either the Default Content Access Account has access to this repository, or add a crawl rule to crawl this repository. If the repository being crawled is a SharePoint repository, verify that the account you are using has “Full Read” permissions on the SharePoint Web Application being crawled.   (0x80041205).

The root of this issue is account used  for “Sharepoint Server Search 14” service. It uses Local service to crawl the site.

If you follow the Post Installation steps by MS

There are many detailed steps provided which should be followed. (and PLEASE FOLLOW)

Additionally I found one more simplest solution  is to provide the account with administrative privileges to your search service provider.


To do this:

  1. Open your central admin site
  2. Go to Application Management
  3. In Service Applications > Select Manage Services on Server
  4. Select SharePoint Foundation Search
  5. Select Register New Manage Account and add any account having administrative privileges on your server.