SharePoint Internal Data Types – Reference

Sharepoint supports different types of columns, this column types are reffered as following data types

  • Text
  • Note
  • Number
  • Currency
  • Integer
  • Boolean
  • DateTime
  • Threading
  • Lookup
  • Choice
  • URL
  • Counter
  • DisplayOnly (DisplayOnly field type has no storage of its own)
  • And I have either used or seen these used, but have not seen them documented anywhere:

  • RichHTML
  • Image
  • This values can be used in XSLT.

    Here’s a partial table of SharePoint column types and their corresponding “identifiers” and “tagNames”:

    SharePoint Field Type identifier tagName
    Single Line of Text TextField input
    Multiple Lines of Text TextField input
    Number TextField input
    Currency TextField input
    Choice (dropdown) DropDownChoice select
    Lookup (single)* Lookup select
    Lookup (multiple) SelectCandidate; SelectResult select
    Yes/No BooleanField input

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