Sharepoint Keyboard Shortcuts

Here is a quick and cool tip for Windows Sharepoint(Works in IE only)

Alt-J Will show the small popup “Skip to Main Content” on top left where liks to Home is there and sets focus on first webpart in data area.
Alt-S The cursor jumps to the search text box,
Alt-l Focus on User Name Menu on top right having “Welcome <<user>>” message.
Alt-m Focus on “My Links” Menu on top right just before help icon.
Alt-/ Focus on “Site Actions” Menu on top right just before help icon.
Alt-1 Focus on Home site in site navigation bar.
Alt-3 Focus on “View All Site Content”.
Alt-6 Focus on “Help menu icon (?)” on top right.

How is it done?

When we look at the source code of the page we see that several of the links (<a> tags) have a new attribute- accesskey=’J’. this attribute allows us to go directly to the link using the alt key. if there are several links with same accesskey attribute, you can keep on pressing the shortcut key until you reach the one you wish.

You can apply same concept in your WebParts too.

1 Comment

  1. Anna said,

    July 3, 2011 at 7:19 AM

    Im Grunde genommen ist das eine gute Sache, ich bin mir aber unsicher, ob dies auf Dauer brauchbar sein wird.

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