Create ChartView for your List

SharePoint gives different types of views as per your list type. When you try to create view you have 5 options.

  1. Standard View
  2. Datasheet View
  3. Calendar View
  4. Gantt View
  5. Access View

Well you can also create Chart view for custom lists.

Let’s say we have one custom list with fields Title,IsDeliverable, and Location

Create a new view from any of the standard view(e.g. All Items), and just save it with new name , say “Chart View”

Now open chart view page in SharePoint designer, and search for the “ListViewWebPart”, see the ListViewXml portion.

<ListViewXml xmlns=;><View Name=“{D939D853-A9C3-4AC7-ACDA-56E3F5F8DB5A}”

You will see one parameter “Type” with value = “HTML”

Just change it to “CHART” and save the page.

And your view will be converted from standard list view to fantastic chart view (like survey lists). Here remember to remove columns like “Title” where it’s a chance to have multiple values. Try to have only columns with data types like Choice, Yes/No, Number, Lookup

SharePoint Creates this views as per its types.

For some types you need to apply appropriate changes in ListViewXML to render the view perfectly. You can take the sample of it from list where it by default appears.

Following are the possible types you can give

Type View Name By default appears in
HTML Standard View All lists
Subject View Discussion
Threaded View Discussion
Flat View Discussion
GANTT Gantt View Tasks, Project Tasks
GRID Datasheet View All Lists
CALENDAR Calendar View Calendar
CHART Graphical Summary Survey

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