Trick the Sharepoint Query String (URL)

Adding some parameters in the URL i.e. QuerySting gives some bonus , specially for the pages where “EditPage” is not available from Site Settings.

It Even works if there is no SiteSettings assigned to user( Should we take it as BIG security BUG ?  )

For example there is no “Edit Page” Option available in any of lists “NewFrom.aspx”. so there is no other way then to go in sharepoint designer and then edit the page.

But this way is more easier, as to just trick the URL and you will have NewForm.aspx in Edit Mode in Browser. !!!!!!

The possible parameters with values are :

Add Web Parts/Browse ToolPaneView=2
Add Web Parts/Search ToolPaneView=3
Edit Mode mode=edit
View Mode mode=view
Shared Mode PageView=Shared
Personal Mode PageView=Personal

Different combinations of this parameters gives some time saving benefit of editing the same page in designer.

So for example, say you wanted to edit the Shared view of the default page:

Say you wanted to Browse web parts and add them to your Personal view:

– Put page in Webpart Maintenance mode

placing ?contents=1 in query string(URL) lets user to have a page in webpart maintenance mode, where its possible to reset or delete any of webparts of that page.
This helps specially when some webpart is mal functioning or having error, and due to it entire page is not able to load.

e.g    AllItems.aspx?contents=1 will open
Web Part Page Maintenance: AllItems

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